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LED Sport Light

Lighting can not only enhance audience experience, but also ensure athletes' competitiveness and safety. With stadiums, arenas and sports facilities around the world successfully switching to high-quality LED sports lighting, it is time to take advantage of new LED technology, which will help you save costs.

Sports lighting is a top priority in any sports competition. No matter in a  professional, entertainment or semi-professional arena, a good lighting environment can bring double enjoyment to both audiences and athletes.

For this purpose, SNC specially develops LED sport lights. Compared with old sport lights, SNC LED sport light has more uniform lighting and wider lighting angles, making every game an unforgettable LED high-performance sports lighting experience.

LED Sport Light Applications:

Stadiums, large plazas, shipyards and airports

Docks and applications of other high poles and long distance

Small Angle projection and large building outline lighting

We provide a variety of LED sport lights, flood lights and other types of lighting to meet the needs of various sports facilities, including ceiling lights, floor lights, parking lights and street lights. All the fixtures are with UL DLC certifications.

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