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The 2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was ended with great success, here SNC will take you through the wonderful moments.

With the globalization wave sweeping the world, “intelligent China” makes more and more “Made in China” brand go abroad and reach the world. SNC, as a national brand in China, we are committed to making urban lighting simpler and more beautiful.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition closed smoothly on June 8, 2018. This exhibition lasted for 4 days. With an international stage, lighting products among the whole product chain and diversified means of presentation, SNC provided a display, trading, consultation and exchange platform to domestic and abroad customers, buyers and dealers. We’ve well received by exhibitors and audiences, creating an all-time high and unprecedented records.

SNC attended this lighting exhibition with solar street light, solar wallpack, linear highbay, stadium lights and other new designs. Such a wide range of new excellent designs have been adored greatly.

With the guideline of offering efficient, professional & sincere service, we look forward to creating value for you! Thanks to all partners and friends for coming and communicating with us. Expect to see you on next session.

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