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LED Corn Light/LED Corn Bulb

This is SNC’s latest design LED corn light, which is used to replace traditional MH and HPS. Compared with traditional lamps, it is more energy saving and with lager lighting area. It is the best choice of saving energy and reducing cost.

Compared with traditional lamps, LED corn light is with higher luminous maintenance rate. During its lifespan, LED corn light will maintain its brightness, keeping about 80% lumens.

LED Corn Light Advantages:

◆360 degree viewing angle


◆Samsung led chips, reach up to 160lm/w

◆Specially design for enclosed fixture

◆15-125w AC100-277V/AC120-347V

◆10-30w can also be DC12-24V.

◆For 15w-125w, sealant is poured throughout the driver in the plastic lamp cup.

◆Long lifespan and good heat dissipation

◆Direct replacement for MH, easy installation.

◆Fits many different fixtures to replace traditional lamps


Widely used in supermarket, warehouse, garage, home, office, hotel, hospital, school, street, garden etc.

Our LED corn light is with easy installation. You just need to replace it in old fixtures. It will help you save cost and energy.

SNC spares no efforts to offer customers best service, most environmental friendly, economic and efficient lighting products.

To know more information and price about SNC LED corn light, please contact our customer service staff.


Contact: Mr. Benson Guo

Phone: +86 139 2377 8410

Tel: +86 0755-29683009

Email: [email protected]

Add: Bldg. 6 & 21, Zhengdaan Industrial Park, No.172 Xiangshan Road, Songgang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

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